Experienced Family Law Attorney 

Do you have a legal issue concerning your family that has gone beyond the closed doors of your home? When these complex circumstances arise, it is critical for you to find a family law attorney in East Texas with experience and compassion in handling such sensitive matters.

The rights and responsibilities associated with family relationships are critical to a functional society. When your family faces challenges related to divorce, child custody, child support, CPS involvement, adoption, and more, Biggs Law Group is a team of experienced advocates who have handled many family law cases throughout East Texas.

Even in high conflict situations, Biggs Law Group has the knowledge and practical expertise to provide a safe place for you to come for answers and help. Our practice was founded on the notion that there are solutions for every problem. You and your family matter deeply to us – that’s why we work hard to help you reach conclusions in your family law case that can relieve your stress and anxiety during these trying times.

To learn more about your options in your family law case, call the family law attorneys at Biggs Law Group in East Texas to schedule a consultation for your case.

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